Through stories told by NVV's iconic vintners, The Napa Valley Vintners Oral History Project captures the vision and 75-year journey of the organization; from its inception in 1944, which set the stage for where Napa Valley is today, the premier winegrowing region in the world.

The NVV partnered with UC Berkeley's renowned Bancroft Library to execute this momentous project and commissioned its Oral History Center to conduct a series of interviews over the past year. These important recordings will help ensure that the NVV's rich history is preserved for posterity.

Through this strategic partnership and project, the NVV has contributed significant footage to the Bancroft Library's archives; valuable knowledge about the California wine industry, and now, adding to the treasured history of the Napa Valley Vintners.

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Interviews about the Napa Valley can be found at:
OHC Project: Napa Valley Vintners
Archived Interviews – Wine

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