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Premiere Napa Valley 2024 Registration

Premiere Napa Valley 2024

Online bidding has begun. The 2024 Premiere Napa Valley auction culminates Saturday, February 24 in St. Helena, California.

Napa Valley Vintners 40 Year Report

Celebrating 40 years of investing in our community!

From American Canyon to Calistoga, NVV has invested in community health and wellness including critical pediatric dental needs, mental health, family strengthening, children’s education, afterschool care and more. This report highlights four decades of strategic community investment.

Collective Napa Valley Wine Auction

Napa Valley AVAs

Discover the history, geography and terroir of Napa Valley's microclimates and nested appellations.

View the Napa Valley Wine Calendar

View the Napa Valley Wine Calendar

Enjoy live music, great wines and delicious food while learning more about our fantastic Napa Valley wines.

Collective Napa Valley Summer Offering 2023

Collective Napa Valley Community Comes Together for Community's Youth

Long time supporters and new came together to show the power of the Collective Napa Valley community by donating $3.8 Million for youth mental health in Napa Valley

Napa Valley 2023 Vintage Notes

2023 Napa Harvest Resources

Follow along as we track the latest Napa Valley Harvest news and information at harvestnapa.com

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Napa Valley Vintners Supporting the Community

Supporting Our Community

Since 1981, we've given more than $200 million to support community health and children's education

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