The Napa Valley appellation education program.

Napa Valley Rocks is an engaging program digging into what makes the Napa Valley America's premier winegrowing region.

We explore the unique geological formation of the valley, why it has the ideal climate to grow grapes, historical milestones, and the tradition of leadership that is continued today. These materials will further your understanding of Napa Valley — use them to educate yourself and others about what makes our region unique in the world of wine.

Napa Valley

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Watch and download the Napa Valley Rocks videos, a 7-part series, and learn what makes Napa Valley unique in the world of wine.

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Powerpoint presentation in varying lengths outlining the unique attributes of the Napa Valley appellation.
(Note: these are large files and we recommend you save them to your computer first before trying to open)

Napa Valley Rocks Presentation