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Harvest Napa Valley 2014

It’s a Wrap! Harvest 2014 is Complete

Napa Valley’s vintners are celebrating another early and excellent quality year. As winemaking activity transitions from the vineyard to the cellar, we invited some of our 500 winery members to share their impressions of the vintage and to respond to the most frequently asked questions about this year’s harvest.

In spite of the drought and the South Napa earthquake, vintners are using words like “quality,” “depth of flavor” and “excellent” to describe their expectations for the vintage. Many are also noting “perfect weather,” “abundant crop” and “good fortune” among the blessings they are counting in a season where Mother Nature threw a rockin’ curveball.

View our FAQs about the 2014 harvest and see some of our favorite harvest moments.

Weekly Harvest Reports

Weekly Harvest Reports

View photos, vintner quotes and recaps of harvest Napa Valley 2014 as it happened week by week.

Harvest 2014 FAQ

Harvest 2014 FAQs

Find the answers to the most common harvest Napa Valley 2014 questions.

The Life Cycle of a Grape

The Life Cycle of the Grape

From bud break to bottling, discover what it takes for a grape to become wine that lives up to Napa Valley's reputation for quality.